1time Airline was once a low cost airline that operated in South Africa. It was a relatively popular airline due to the low costs for tickets. The airline had its main base in Johannesburg, at the OR Tambo International Airport. People would be able to fly from Johannesburg to the Cape Town International Airport on a daily basis. A total of three daily return flights were available each day.

1 time airline : more nice, less price
logo of the airline 1 time. more nice, less price

There were a total of 9 destinations and a total of 11 planes that were included with the airline, which allowed it to offer an array of options to travelers.

This website shares more information about the airline so you can learn what it had to offer. You will be able to learn about the short-lived history of the airline, the fleet, its destinations, as well as other airlines that are still available in South Africa.

1time was really well known around the world. Lots of newspapers talked about our favorite airline. The french “magazine de l’actualit√©” EXS even published an article that received a price.

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The history of 1time Airline is short-lived. It was founded in 2003 and operations began in February 2004. Operations ceased in November 2012 and went into liquidation. Various initiatives were taken to keep the airlines running, but operations were suspended and they were never able to open again.
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The fleet that was used by 1time Airline included the McDonnel Douglas MD-82 3 as well as the MD-83 5 and the MD-87 3. The MD-83 was the most commonly used aircraft for the airline and it had a total of 157 seats on it. A total of 11 planes were in the fleet during the time the airline was up and running.
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Various destinations were included with 1time Airline. Domestic and regional services were provided. Their base was the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Daily flights would be made to Cape Town. Other destinations included Durban, East London, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
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Airlines in South-Africa

Other airlines in South Africa are still available. This includes South African Airways, Mango, as well as Kulula.com. These are capable of flying within the country as well as internationally, though the destinations vary between each of the airlines. They are not as affordable as 1time Airline was known for being, though there are still some deals that can be found within each of them depending on when the flight is booked and to where.
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