There is a colorful history for 1time Airline. It was founded in 2003 by individually who already owned an aviation holding company, Afrisource Holdings. They also owned an aviation company known as Aeronexus.

Ticket sales began in January 2004 for the airline and the first flight took place on February 25, 2004. There were three daily flights that took place between Johannesburg and Cape Town during that time.

The Avstar Group got involved with 1time Airline and acquired 15% of the shares. Within this deal, two additional MD-83 aircraft were leased and added to the fleet. Each of these planes could seat 157 passengers. This helped the company to fly more than a million passengers in 2006, which was to a total of eight destinations around the area.

1time happy
Employee of the 1time airline

1time Airline was owned by several different companies through its history. The breakdown includes 50% by Afrisource Holdings, 30% by MKJH Trust, and 20% by Mogwele Investments.

By March of 2007, there were 420 employees that worked for the airlines.


Liquidation in 2012

In August 2012, the airline filed for business rescue because it was financially distressed. Operations ceased on November 2 of the same year and they filed for liquidation. When they did this, flights were cancelled and hundreds of passengers were stranded. The final flight was at 1500 on the same day that they were liquidated.

A statement was issued on the website explaining to people that there was a business liquidation and all operations were grounded.

1time McDonnell Douglas MD-83
1time Airline McDonnell Douglas MD-83 – Hansueli Krapf on wikimedia commons

The business rescue practitioner responsible for helping the airline advised that there were no prospects of survival. Potential financiers notified the airline that they would no longer be able to invest. This led the airline to have no other choice but to liquidate, which ended their dream.

On November 2, the airline liquidated and grounded all of its operations. On November 6, the business rescue practitioner file the application to terminate the business rescue proceedings. The airline was placed under provisional liquidation and a provisional liquidation order was issued in the courts on November 7.

On December 19, 2012, Fastjet announced that they would enter into an option agreement that would allow them to buy the entire issued share capital of 1time Airline, though this never happened. Negotiations with the liquidator lapsed.

While the history of 1time Airline is short-lived, lasting only eight years, a significant amount was accomplished during those eight years. A total of 11 aircraft were included in the fleet, and this included three of the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 planes, five of the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 planes, as well as three McDonnell Douglas MD-87 planes.


A loved airline

At the time of the airline stopped its operations, it was visiting a total of eight destinations, making it easy for people in South Africa to get to other locations, including Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

1-Time MD83 ZS-SKB
Bob Adams on wikimedia commons

The airline had been popular with business professionals as well as families because it provided low-cost tickets to various destinations. It is still considered one of the most loved airlines by South Africans. Although it is no longer operational, people still remember the airlines. Even though there are new airlines that have taken its place, people will never forget how simple it was to be able to fly on 1Time Airline, particularly with the flights back and forth in a day to Cape Town from Johannesburg.

You can learn more about the destinations of the airline as well as its fleet, and more by browsing throughout the website. You can also find out about some of the other airlines that are currently operating in South Africa so that you can explore the options that are available to you.