1Time Airline had an incredible fleet of aircraft during it span of eight years that it was up and running. There were a total of 11 aircraft within the fleet throughout its history. These had an array of different paint schemes to help people know exactly what airline they were boarding based upon what the plane looked like from the outside. They wanted to set themselves apart from some of the other airlines that went with very basic designs on their planes.

The planes included in the fleet were:

  • 3 of the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 planes
  • 5 of the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 planes
  • 3 of the McDonnell Douglas MD-87 planes

Both the MD-82 and the MD-83 planes sat at 157 passengers. The MD-87 sat 132 passengers.

smiley plane onetime
That’s a colorful plane!

The planes were known for being bright and colorful. People would be able to point them out in the sky, and know which ones they would be getting on because the 1Time Airline website would be on all of them – 1time.co.za. People would know what airline to book with the next time if they wanted to be on the “cool” plane.

A fleet full of colors

The majority of the planes throughout the fleet were bright red with the website in yellow as well as a large yellow stripe on the back tale of the plane, featuring a red “1.”

There were also several planes that had a primarily white design with a zebra print on the upper half of the passenger cabin. This paid homage to the South African roots and it was loved by many different people. Passengers looked forward to getting onto these planes because they were so bright and colorful. Even though they looked a little funny in comparison to some of the other planes, it was whimsical and people appreciated the fun decorations.

On the interior of the planes, there were two seats on one side of the aisle and three seats on the other, for a total of five seats per row. This would ensure that everyone had plenty of elbow room so that they weren’t too close to the other passengers.

red aircraft
At Johannesburg OR Tambo International – aeroprints at wikipedia commons

Considering that 1Time Airline went into business as a low-cost airline option for people across South Africa, it had a significant amount of leg room and headroom. There were luggage heads above, allowing people to store their carry-on luggage conveniently. The seats were well padded, and many passengers said that the seats were comfortable.

A well maintenained fleet

The fleet expanded over time, during the history of the airline. It was when The Avstar group acquired 15% of the shares in 2006 that allowed for two of the MD-83 aircraft to join the fleet. When these two additional planes were added, it allowed the airline to carry more than 1 million passengers, and this was to a total of eight destinations around the area.

The fleet was well cared for, and during the eight years that the airline was in business, people would be able to book confidently knowing that the plane was well serviced and that they would be comfortable inside. Unlike other airlines, the seats weren’t broken or stained, and people knew that they would be comfortable on the flight.

While the bright red planes are no longer in the sky, people still remember the colors as well as the zebra prints. There are still many people who long for getting on those planes – and even though the fleet wasn’t as large as some of the other airlines, it made a name for itself quickly in South Africa and beyond.

There are now several airlines that you offer service in South Africa. Mango Airlines is one of the new airlines in South Africa, who has attempted to take the place of 1Time Airlines. They offer affordable tickets as well, and they have bright orange planes as a way of helping people to remember that it can be exciting to get onto a plane that is so visible in the sky.