While 1Time Airline what is a popular airline in South Africa, it was not the only airline, and there are now several airlines that offer low-cost tickets to people who wish to travel in and around the region.

If you wish to read customer reviews on any of the airline listed below, you can use the What The Flight website.

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Kulula.com, is often referred to simply as kulula. It was founded around the same time as 1Time Airline, though it is still currently functioning. There are a total of six destinations and their fleet size is that of 11 planes.

Kulula B737 – Bob Adams for wikimedia commons

There are considered a “no frills” airline, and operate domestic routes from bowl the OR Tambo International Airport as well as the Lanseria International Airport, both located around Johannesburg. The company is a trading name of Comair and also operates as a franchisee of British Airways.



Mango is another airline. They were founded after 1Time Airline, though they are currently still functioning. Their hub is that of the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. They have a frequent flyer program, and currently visit six destinations. They have a fleet of nine aircraft and their parent company is South African Airways.

Mango Boeing 737-800
Mango Boeing 737 – Timo Breidenstein for wikimedia commons

Mango is well-known for being a low-cost airline, and people are able to spot the bright orange planes that have “mango” written across the sides. The lettering is in black with a white border and lime green dots around the “O”. The fleet for Mango is Boeing, and each aircraft is capable of carrying 186 passengers. Their destinations include Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein. They also go to Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Mango has standard booking that does not include any food and drinks, though they do offer a by onboard program. Additionally, they issue an inter-life magazine title mango juice. Wi-Fi is also available in flight on all of their flights for a fee.


South African Airways

Yet another airline that is available in South Africa is South African Airways. This is a national flag carrier and is also the largest airline in the country. Their headquarters are at OR Tambo International Airport, found in Kempton Park.

This airline has been around since 1934 and has a fleet size of 65 airplanes. Additionally, there are a total of 42 destinations that they fly to. There frequent flyer program is Voyager and they are part of the Star Alliance. Other airlines within this alliance includes Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Austria Airlines, Copa Airlines, Lufthansa, United Airlines, and many more.

Destinations that South African Airways lies to cover a total of 26 countries and 37 international destinations. They fly to countries throughout Africa, Europe, Australasia, Asia, North America, and South America. They are one of only a few carriers that have services to all six of the inhabited continents. In 2010, they also announced that they would be adding six more routes in Africa, which included the Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Nigeria, and several other locations. They also added Beijing to their international route expansion in 2012.

Their current fleet of aircraft includes Airbus and Boeing. They also have a safety rating of six out of seven. They have not had a fatal crash since 1987.

1Time Airline had a great reputation for offering affordable flights in and around South Africa. Once they closed in 2012, people have no choice but to look towards the other airlines in order to be able to travel to their desire destinations. Kululu.com and Mango are both considered affordable options. Mango is a subsidiary of South African Airlines – and people who want to travel beyond Africa will typically choose South African Airlines to get to their destinations, regardless of what continent they may need to travel to.